Rockwell Studios is now releasing the sprites from Himeko Sutori and Septaroad Voyager for you to use in your own projects.


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Himeko Sutori is a large-scale strategy RPG that puts you in command of an army of up to 200 unique heroes. Level-up your human party members in 20 different classes, plus additional classes for your animal, mechanical, and undead allies. Lead your troops in tactical turn-based battles to defeat your enemies and uncover the plot that has thrown the Central Kingdoms into civil war. Use the included editor and source code to make your own mods, and share your mods with others using integrated Steam Workshop tools. Download Himeko Sutori on Steam now.

Septaroad Voyager is a free expansion and total conversion mod for Himeko Sutori. Lead your party of up to seven heroes in fast-paced real-time battles. Give your heroes tactics to make their own decisions during combat across an infinitely replayable procedurally generated world. You can play the Septaroad Voyager expansion now by accessing the Campaigns menu of Himeko Sutori. A larger, more fully realized standalone Septaroad Voyager is in production. Watch the test preview trailer on YouTube.

Himeko Sutori Sprite Share Terms of Use

All of the sprites in the Himeko Sutori Sprite Share zip file are free to use with attribution. You may use these sprites for free in commercial and non-commercial projects. In any project you must include the following attributions:

  • Half-Kaizer sprite template created by Showkaizer.
  • Additional Half-Kazier poses by Aleesa Tana.
  • Armor, weapon, shield, helmet, hair, skeleton, zombie, demon, fairy, mecha, wolf, boar, pumpkin, turkey, slime, skullbird, dragon, cactus, and other sprites are from Himeko Sutori and Septaroad Voyager by Rockwell Studios, LLC.

You may edit these files and share your edits if you also include the above attributions and provide a link to this page. Please do not re-post the original files.

None of these sprites are based on any RPG Maker product and may be used in any game engine.