To celebrate the upcoming launch of Septaroad Voyager, Rockwell Studios is releasing the sprite sheets from Himeko Sutori and Septaroad Voyager. You are welcome to edit and use the sprites for any free or commercial digital product. Please do not redistribute the original sprites, except as integrated into a digital product. If you use these sprites, please include the following attributions:

      • Half-Kaizer sprite template created by Showkaizer.
      • Additional Half-Kazier poses by Aleesa Tana.
      • Armor, weapon, shield, helmet, hair, skeleton, zombie, demon, fairy, mecha, wolf, boar, pumpkin, turkey, slime, skullbird, dragon, cactus, and other sprites are from Himeko Sutori and Septaroad Voyager by Rockwell Studios, LLC.

You may share your edits of these sprites. If you share your edits, please include the above attributions and include a link to this page.

None of these sprites are based on any RPG Maker product and may be used in any game engine.