Rockwell Studios

creator of virtual worlds and interactive stories; the developer of Himeko Sutori and Septaroad Voyager

Early Access Updates November 2023

Hi everyone! We hope you had a great Thanksgiving (those of you in the US). We're back at the end of the month now with an update for you on what we've been working on. This month we continued focusing on the starting levels of the main campaign. We're trying to make...

Early Access Updates October 2023

Happy Halloween everyone! We hope you're having some scary fun and enjoying some candy today.We are making a new effort to keep the community up to date with what we're doing throughout Septaroad Voyager's Early Access. We are going to start posting monthly updates...

New Features as We Approach Early Access

Check out the new dynamic quest system: Learn legends, find clues, and unlock new dungeons filled with epic loot!

Scaleform Extension

I think I might be the last custodian of the Scaleform Extension zxp file. I now share it with you, in case future generations ever have need of creating a user interface in a long-outdated format. If you ever find yourself in need of the Scaleform extension for Adobe...

A New Start

Although this is our second game, we are starting from scratch in many ways. Here’s to a fresh start on a new game.