Hi everyone! We hope you had a great Thanksgiving (those of you in the US). We’re back at the end of the month now with an update for you on what we’ve been working on. This month we continued focusing on the starting levels of the main campaign. We’re trying to make each area feel unique, while also trying to keep the style of the game consistent. Here are some of the new levels we’ve been working on:
This is the city Nicopolis, the starting town of Thekla. We wanted to give it a Byzantine feel, with lots of domes in the architecture.
It looks a little empty right now without bric-a-brac and NPCs, but we think what we have so far provides an interesting space to fill in with a vibrant city.
The city of Gearbridge, the starting town of Switch, also looks a little empty right now. But we’re making progress.
And because just making levels all day will drive me crazy, I had to work on some other stuff. I never really liked the boar sprite and I’ve been meaning to rework it. This month I finally did. Here’s a look at the new sprite in action, along with a before/after comparison.
Also, earlier in the month, player winnwriter asked us if the campaign would have the option to make custom characters. I said yes, and that forced me to update the character creation menu.

If you look closely you’ll see that this variation on the character creation menu has a “Load Default” button. This version of the character creation menu is what we’ll use in the campaign. We’ll give you a default character, but you can choose to customize the character however you want.

So that’s most of the stuff we’re able to show you so far. We’ve started on a few other things that aren’t quite ready to show off yet. We hope to have those ready for you to see next month.

Thank you everyone for your ongoing interest in and support for Septaroad Voyager. We hope you like what you see here. Whether you liked it or not, we would love to hear your feedback; your input will help us shape the game.

Have a great holiday season. And we’ll see you next month!