Rockwell Studios


Here you will find a variety Rockwell Studios' music, organized by genre.
Please contact me if you'd like to use any of my music for your project.


Catchy, top-40-like tracks.


Modern rock of all flavors.


Tracks with plenty of bass.


Good 'ol American Country.

Electronic Rock

Tight, gritty, and edgy.

Tension Cues

For those tense moments.


Simple and catchy loops.


Christopher Rockwell

Owner/Music Producer

When I was 15 years old, I picked up my Mom's classical nylon string acoustic guitar. It was dusty, out of tune, and missing a few strings. While tinkering around with it, I soon realized that I was playing what I was hearing on the radio. Full chords, notes, and rhythm. I had never played guitar before. This is when I discovered my passion for music.

Shortly after learning guitar, I also taught myself the bass, drums, and piano. Putting all of those together, I started writing entire songs and eventually started my first band. We had a great run, but after 10 years of writing and playing shows, I started to focus on producing - which I'm still doing to this day. In 2011, I started Rockwell Studios with the vision to provide my music production services to TV shows, movies, fellow musicians, and even studio work. Currently I am actively writing and contributing to 10 TV shows and am beginning to score shorts and indie films. I am always looking to do business with music supervisors and fellow producers.