We have been hard at work getting Septaroad Voyager ready for early access. The main feature that has been taking up most of our time for the last few months is the new dynamic quest system. It’s not just another boring randomly generated find 57 yellow flowers for an NPC. This is a huge system that is going to provide hours of fun new adventure. Let’s take a look.

It starts when you learn a new legend. Legends might pop up anywhere, so be sure to talk to the NPCs and explore off your usual path.

A legend provides you with a map to a new adventure, but to get there, you’ll first need to fill in the missing clues.

You can learn clues directly from NPCs, but more often you’ll find objects that contain clues. You can sell them for cash, or you can turn them into clues to fill in the legend’s map. Each clue can be used only on certain spaces, and each clue will change the quest’s difficulty and treasure. Once you’ve filled in the map with enough clues, you’ll unlock a new secret passage somewhere in the world.

This particular secret portal is in the middle of the road and we put it there for testing purposes. In your version of the game, you’ll need to leave the path in order to find these portals.

Be sure you’re ready before you enter because inside you’re going to find danger.

In this particular dungeon, we found a lot of bandits. Our character didn’t survive very long after providing us with this screenshot. But if you’re careful, you’ll be able to fight your way through to the final boss, defeat it, collect the treasure, and finish the quest.

We hope you’re excited to try this for yourself. Septaroad Voyager should be ready for Early Access in just a few more months and we look forward to letting you try it. Wishlist Septaroad Voyager now to be notified when the game is ready.